Here you’ll find recommendations for my favorite tools, apps, and softwares to make life + business a little bit easier.

Some of these are affiliate links, some are not. I only recommend things I use and love!

Project Management + Team/Client Communication


Used For: Project Management, Task Management

Price: Free for up to 2 projects, paid plans start at around $45/month

Why I Love It: This is a great alternative to Basecamp, and the task management/recurring tasks features are ah-mazing! This is what I use to keep my team organized.



Used For: Project Management, Client Communication

Price: Starting at $29/month

Why I Love It: It’s really important to me to keep everything in one place with my clients. I love using the Campfire to chat back and forth (rather than a gazillion emails crowding my inbox) and the automatic check ins are great!



Used For: Video Trainings, Demonstrations, Tutorials

Price: Free

Why I Love It: Being able to SHOW how to do something is so valuable! Whether that’s instructions for my team or explaining how to use a tool to a client, Loom makes it easy. Videos are processed instantly, plus I love the option to share your screen AND be on camera in the corner at the same time.

Emails + Social Media

Active Campaign

Used For: Email Marketing and Automation

Price: Starts at $9/month

Why I Love It: Hands down the easiest and most robust email marketing software I’ve used. If you want to set up funnels in your business, you need Active Campaign. Use it for simple or complex automation, tracking, tagging, segmenting, and more.


G-Suite (Google Drive)

Used For: Email, Organization, Everything

Price: G-Suite accounts start at $5/month

Why I Love It: I use Google Drive for nearly everything. Not only is it my favorite tool for sending emails from your domain, but I think it’s one of the easiest ways to organize and share content. (Note: If you need help setting up or migrating a G-Suite account, feel free to contact me.)



Used For: Email Tracking and Scheduling

Price: Free

Why I Love It: Streak allows you to track all emails, schedule when to send emails, and snooze emails to return to your inbox later. It’s like Boomerang… but in my humble opinion… better. (Note: I don’t use Streak as a CRM so I can’t speak to that aspect of it.)

Streamlining + Organization

Acuity Scheduling

Used For: Online Scheduling

Price: $10/month (free version also available)

Why I Love It: Streamlining my calendar makes it easy to manage my time and map out my week. Acuity has a ton of functionality and customization options! I also love being able to accept payments through both Paypal and Stripe.



Used For: Content Organization

Price: Free

Why I Love It: Trello is great to organize workflows and visualize how things work. I use it primarily for content organization and love being able to keep everything in one place!



Used For: Password Sharing

Price: Personal accounts start at $2.99/month; Teams start at $3.99/month

Why I Love It: It’s important to me that my clients know their logins are safe with me! 1Password makes it easy to share passwords, customize permissions, and categorize logins.

Miscellaneous Really Cool Softwares


Used For: Website user behavior replays

Price: Free

Why I Love It: It allows you to watch how users interact with your website, which is useful to see which pages they get stuck on and where you could improve your user experience.


Interact Quiz Builder

Used For: Quiz building, list growth

Price: Free version available to try it, but to collect emails it starts at $17/month

Why I Love It: Who doesn’t love quizzes? They’re an awesome way to build your list in a fun and engaging way. This quiz builder is super easy to use, customizable to your brand, and integrates with all major email marketing softwares.