Expand your business

Without sacrificing your life (or your sanity)

There’s one problem that nearly all high-performing women entrepreneurs have in common: We’re too busy.

In fact, we’re so busy that our brains are overloaded and congested with tasks, ideas, and to-dos…leaving us little time to rest, relax, and breathe.

While being in hustle mode isn’t bad (in fact, it’s necessary to get your biz off the ground!) — it isn’t sustainable for long-term business growth and success.

Instead, we need a little space to breathe. To spend LESS time focusing on to-dos and MORE time in our zone of genius. Because it’s in this breathing area — in what we like to call whitespace — where true magic actually exists.

Whitespace gives you the freedom to stop focusing on the small details and the energy to start dreaming bigger. It opens the door for more creativity, inspiration, and innovation in your business.

…all so that you can finally create more money, more impact, and deeper fulfillment in your work.

Meet the Team


CEO | Online Business Manager

Megan is an online business manager and the founder of the Whitespace Team. With a background in education and copywriting, and over 5 years of experience in online marketing, Megan combines her expertise in systems, workflow automation, and content management to help six and seven figure businesses effortlessly execute on day-to-day operations. With Megan’s magical touch behind-the-scenes plus her natural strength in team + project management, business owners working with Megan feel fully supported as they continue to expand their income, impact, and reach.


Content Writer | Copy Editor

Kelly worked as a Systems Engineer before beginning her entrepreneurial journey as a Copywriter and Transformational Coach under the Transformational Coaching Method of the Holistic MBA. She now helps small businesses engage their audience with meaningful content and brings two years of editing, content creation, and copywriting to the Whitespace team. Kelly’s work has been featured in top online publications.


Graphic Designer

Kaitlyn brings over 6 years of experience in graphic design to the Whitespace Team. She specializes in building brand collateral and upkeep tasks – blog graphics, social media graphics, course materials, launch related visuals, workbooks and more. As the art director and founder of The Crown Fox, she works with successful, driven, creative entrepreneurs, providing them with cohesive, clean, and compelling visuals for their business.