Space to Breathe

One of the biggest hurdles for women entrepreneurs is that we’re too busy.

In order to grow and scale sustainably, we need space to breathe – and in order to get that space we need support.

Support so good that it feels like magic.

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Create more space in your business – learn more about our Online Business Management & Support Services

Hiring Support

For busy women looking for guidance on finding the right person to add to their team to make the hiring process a whole lot easier (and faster).

Mentorship for VAs and OBMs

Guidance for current or aspiring virtual assistants and online business managers — to help you fast track your success and build a thriving practice.

Megan is the secret weapon in my business and I could not imagine doing what I do without her! If you have a chance to work with her you’d be crazy not to take it.

Lacey Sites | Business Mentor & Success Coach |
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Megan goes above and beyond by combing through everything. She takes initiative to fix things you may have overlooked and finds ways to simplify everything.

Kate Crocco | Confidence & Mindset Coach |
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I would recommend Megan to women who are seeking more than just a VA to help them cross tasks off their to-do list. I believe she can step in as a partner, a sounding board, a strategist and more in your business and that’s the real beauty of working with her over someone else.

Ashley Gartland | Business Mentor |
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Megan is an excellent thought partner to bounce ideas off and often takes one of my suggestions, shapes it, molds it, and makes it better. With Megan, you present your own questions on how best to approach whatever you are working on and SHE has the ANSWERS for the best way to execute.

Maggie Reyes | Life Coach for Marriages & Relationships |
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Imagine having support so good

it feels like magic